Many companies are facing an urgent new reality that requires a flexible working environment. Future-proof your business by enabling secure access to documents and information while minimising risk.

Access Documents and Information from Anywhere

Important company information can be anywhere. Without the right tools, your team may not be able to access important information.

Collaboration and Customer Experience

Your team can be anywhere. Collaboration and customer service can be severely impacted by a fragmented tool set.

Manage Information Securely

Information security is a requirement. A remote working environment can pose unique governance, security and compliance challenges.

Is your team productive from home?

Many businesses are facing a new reality that requires a flexible working environment. While some companies were more equipped to pivot to a remote workforce than others, challenges still exist when ensuring the efficiency and productivity of knowledge workers.

In this infographic, we explore some interesting stats and outline how companies and individuals can create a flexible work environment that supports collaboration, enhances productivity, and simplifies information governance and security.

Do your remote workers have access to critical documents and information?

Companies need to enable knowledge workers to work from home efficiently — ensuring access to critical documents, no matter where they are stored. Balancing the need for quick access with security and information governance requirements can be a difficult task.

In this eBook, learn about how businesses can enable a productive and efficient remote workforce while ensuring information governance and security are enforced.

Do you use Microsoft Teams? Here’s what you’re missing.

The recent rise in remote work has resulted in a massive increase in Microsoft Teams usage. While Teams is a fantastic collaboration tool, it also raises many questions related to information governance and potential data leaks.

Watch this short demo video to see how M-Files enables users of Microsoft Teams to access relevant information, no matter where it is stored while ensuring that sensitive information is protected.

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