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What we do

Drive efficiencies with intelligent information capture and processes.

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Digital Documents can scan any size of document from small format documents such as tickets or receipts, right up to large format drawings or plans.


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Using advanced recognition technology, we convert and capture machine printed, handwriting and check boxes from all types of documents using a combination of technology and experienced data entry staff.


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We offer process automation solutions for finance, HR, procurement and more. Any department can enjoy more productivity by quickly automating common business processes and operations.


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What our customers say

“We received an excellent service and high-quality output from Digital Documents. I will certainly use their services again in the future and will recommend it to others.”

“High quality, efficient and friendly service, would definitely recommend.”

“The Digital Documents team are an absolute pleasure to work with and are 100% focused on delivering the best service for their clients.”

“Outstanding service from every member of the Digital Documents team we dealt with.”

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Business Process as a Service (BPaaS)

Leverage our process automation technology stack, our expertise and our manpower, on an on-demand per process basis.

Digital Documents BPaaS provides a business with the latest digital tools, technologies, processes and talent to improve its efficiency, service and the customer experience, without the large capital investment traditionally required. By implementing BPaaS, companies can shift to a pay-per-use consumption model

Why choose us

A proven track record using certified processes and procedures.

Innovative | Efficient | Effective | Compliant

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Digital Documents has a 45-year history providing document conversion and data capture services and solutions.

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Digital Documents operates a certified information security management system ISO 27001:2013 and a certified quality management system ISO 9001:2015.

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Proven Track Record

Digital Documents is trusted by many fortune 500 companies from the life sciences and technology sectors along with many financial institutions, government departments and state agencies.

Document scanning

Digital Documents will scan any size of document whether small format such as tickets or receipts, standard A4/A3, right up to large format drawings or plans. Image output and captured data will be formatted to your particular system requirements.

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  • Document Scanning
  • Scan On-Demand
  • Large Format Drawings



  • Book Scanning
  • Survey Scanning



  • Microfilm & Microfiche
  • Photos and Negatives
  • X-ray Scanning
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Data capture

Digital Documents scan and extract data from all types of surveys and forms to the required file format such Microsoft Excel, CSV, XML etc. Our form data capture services are designed to help organisations save cost in manual data entry work and reduce data entry errors.

Survey Capture

We scan, capture and extract response data from all types of surveys, questionnaires and forms. 

Invoice Data Capture

Our invoice data capture services provide seamless extraction of invoice data from both machine printed and handwritten invoices.

Medical data capture

We offer secure and confidential medical and clinical research forms scanning and data capture services 

Data Entry

Depending on the content types, we use either manual or automated data entry processes to record the response data on all types of forms

Secure document storage

Our secure document and record storage services offer flexible and scalable solutions. We offer highly confidential, secure, tailored services to a wide range of companies, from small businesses to major commercial enterprises in the public and private sector. Our nationwide document storage services provide high levels of security and confidentiality.

24 hr CCTV Monitoring | Barcode Tracking | Secure Online Delivery

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